Angel Charm Custom made from your Flowers


Have a keepsake made from your flowers from any special occasion. Weddings, Funerals, Mother's Day, New Baby and more! I will use your flowers to create this Angel Charm.

This listing is for one Angel Charm. Please allow 12 weeks from the time I receive your flowers to complete your order.

You can choose the base color of your bead and I will do my best to match that color. Or you can allow me to choose a complimentary color for you. I can also marbleize colors.

I need at least 3 average sized rose petals (or the equivalent) for this Angel Charm.

Please see my FAQ page for instructions on how to get your flowers to me:

Shipping from United States

********** MY PROCESSING TIME IS 10 WEEKS **********

I use USPS for my standard shipping. I insure all packages for their full value. I will send you the reference number to you when I ship your package out.


Each item I make is custom made for you and I take pride in providing a quality product. With that said, mistakes or misunderstandings can happen. If there is a problem with your item, please let me know within 30 days and I can remake your item or refund your money.


********** MY PROCESSING TIME IS 10 WEEKS **********

How to send your flowers:

Fresh Flowers: Place just the petals between layers of paper towels and package in a paper envelope or box. Do not use any plastic or bubble wrap to prevent your petals from molding.

Previously Dried Flowers: Just place in a envelope or box and lightly cushion with any clean paper product. While the risk of molding is minimal, please avoid any plastic packaging just in case there is any moisture left.

Mail your flowers:
13406 Road 22K
Cloverdale, OH 45827

How many flower petals should you send? It depends :)

The number of petals depends on the type of flower you are sending, and which items you are wanting made with that flower. I use a rose petal as a standard measurement. So, for example, if you wanted one large-hole bead made, you would send 2 rose petals. If you wanted a bracelet with rose petals on it, you would send 12 rose petals, which would be one bead per rose petal. If you wanted a suncatcher, you would send 6 rose petals. So on average, the larger the item, the more rose petals would need to be sent.

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